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OTCBB $Volume

Want to know why we’re doing so well (besides yours truly being a darn good stock picker)? Check out the recent $Volume on the OTCBB. Last year the $Volume fell every month with December being the low of the year. This year the trend is up, lets hope it stays that way.


May $Volume on the OTCBB hit a new 52-week high.
Figures were twice as much as May 2002.

Yours truly won pick of the month for May at TipReporter.com

Its the third time this year we have won this award
(Feb – LPLHA, March – HQNT, and May – ADZR ).

Not too shabby GP.

PH Super 7 News
Electronic Systems Technology, Inc ELST announced a one
time cash distribution (.015/share) to shareholders of record
as of June 27, 2003. Its not much but when was the last time
you heard of a penny stock doing such a thing.

Whole Living WLIV announced record revenues for the month of April
Whole Living WLIV announced record revenues for the month of May
Why then is Whole Living sitting near its 52-week low (.18)?
One reason perhaps, they flooded the market with stock.
“During February 2003, the Company issued 2,700,000 shares
of common stock for an infomercial valued at $396,152.
During February 2003, the Company issued 7,460,000 shares
of common stock for the settlement of notes payable, accrued
interest and fees of $969,514.”

Read Hoover.com capsule for more info

43,009,640 s/o as of 5/15/03

Track Data Corporation TRAC announced the completion of one
2 million-share buyback and authorized the purchase of another.
Stock price spiked from .60 to .90 on the news.
TRAC closed Friday at .80

“Track Data is a New York-based financial services company that provides
direct access brokerage, real-time financial market data, news, and research
to institutional and individual investors through dedicated telecommunication
lines and the Internet.”

50,497,457 s/o as of 4/30/03