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Spare Backup, Inc. Sees Second Quarter 2009 Subscriptions at Record Levels Between $1.3 and $1.6 Million

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Company to Hold Conference Call to Discuss 2009 Business Outlook

PALM DESERT, Calif., June 9 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — Spare Backup, Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board: SPBU), an industry-leading provider of automated, online backup applications, and cloud services for home users and small businesses, announced today that it sees total subscriptions for the second quarter of 2009 ranging between $1.3 and $1.6 million. We anticipate record revenue for the second quarter of 2009 ranging between $500,000 and $600,000 and unearned revenue from annual subscriptions between $800,000 and $1.1 million. The unearned revenue will be recognized as revenue over the subscription term as per our revenue recognition policy which is based on generally accepted accounting principles.

The improved top line performance was largely attributable to its continued rollout of data backup offerings with its partners. Revenue is expected to benefit slightly from an improving pound (GBP) currency in the quarter versus the U.S. dollar. During first quarter of 2009 we had total subscriptions of approximately $1.1 million. We recognized revenues for the first quarter of 2009 amounting to approximately $456,000 and unearned revenue from annual subscriptions sold during first quarter amounting to approximately $608,000. The total subscriptions in the 2nd quarter are expected to exceed the total amount of revenue recorded for the full year of 2008. Seasonality has historically caused the second half of the year to be stronger than the first half.

Management anticipates the roll out of its current and new RETAIL partnerships, as well as other OEMs, and new product offerings such as Spare Room, Spare Mobile, and Spare Sync will continue to expand revenue in the coming quarters. Management will be hosting a conference call to discuss its business outlook for 2009. The information for that call is as follows:

* Date: July 7, 2009
* Time: to be separately announced
* Dial-in number for US/Canada: to be separately announced
* Dial-In number for international callers: to be separately announced
* Conference ID: to be separately announced

Mr. Cery Perle, CEO of the Spare Backup, Inc., commented, “We continue to achieve positive momentum and are excited by the growth in our subscriptions as well as the progress we are making on numerous business fronts. We will be discussing current business relationships, new product launches, pending transactions, financings and new business relationships. We look forward to further communicating where we see the future of our company as we strive to reach our goal of positive EBITDA in 2009 and profitability in 2010.”

For additional information, visit http://www.sparebackup.com. For investor relations, please contact our investor relations department at 760-779-4241 Ext. 224 or ir@sparebackup.com.

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Zagg Reports Record-Breaking Results for the First Quarter of 2009

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ZAGG Inc. (OTCBB:ZAGG), a leading producer of mobile electronics accessories including the popular invisibleSHIELD™ and award-winning ZAGGaudio™ brands, announces successful financial results for the first quarter of Fiscal Year 2009, ended March 31, 2009. ZAGG highlighted a record-breaking quarter with revenues of almost $8.1 million dollars, a nearly 184% increase when compared to first quarter 2008. Earnings per share for ZAGG were $0.05 for the first quarter 2009.

“Even during these challenging economic times, ZAGG continues to see unprecedented demand for its products. Much of our success can be attributed to the ability to execute on our business plan. We look forward to rolling out new products and services over the remainder of the year that will continue our rapid growth track for years to come,” said Robert G. Pedersen II, President and CEO of ZAGG.

“We continue to see great results from our strong partnerships with Best Buy and Carphone Warehouse, and plan to continue announcing new partnerships that will contribute to ZAGG’s success,” said Pedersen. “This will be the best year ever for ZAGG, and if economic conditions continue to improve, we are well-poised for even more accelerated growth.”

The Company will host an investor conference call today, Thursday, May 14, 2009 at 11:00 AM EDT, to answer questions regarding the results from our Form 10-Q for the 3 months ended March 31, 2009. To participate in the call please dial (877) 407-9210. Interested parties may also listen via the Internet at the event website and on the Company website at: www.ZAGG.com. The call will be available for replay for 30 days by dialing (877) 660-6853 and entering account number 286 and call ID number 322566.

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Universal Tracking Solutions stock debuts on OTCBB

A new stock from an Arizona-based company began trading today.

Gilbert-based Universal Tracking Solutions is trading under the ticker symbol UTRK on the Over the Counter Bulletin Board. The company reports it has about 14 million shares outstanding, with 1.7 million in free trading.

The stock opened at 14 cents per share Tuesday morning, and as of 9:15 a.m. it was trading at 12 cents.

Universal Tracking Solutions was founded in August 2006. Company officials said UTS has had eight consecutive quarters of record revenue. Financials for the period ended Sept. 30 will be released on Thursday.

UTS provides GPS fleet management solutions. The company has developed an enhanced 3-D application specifically for organizations wishing to keep it running all day. Users can tilt and rotate the map to gain a better perspective of the vehicle’s position.

Furthermore, users can play back the routes a vehicle has taken, much like an animated movie showing stops, speeds, direction and more.

For more: www.universaltrackingsolutions.com.

UTRK closed today at .23 +.13 (130%)

Record Revenues

The following companies have recently reported record revenues

Clearant, Inc CLRA  (.56) reported record nine-month results
China North East Petroleum CNEH (2.88) reported record 3rd Q 2007 results
Infosmart Group IFSG (.40) announced record 3rd Q 2007 results
Worldwide Manufacturing WWMU (5.50) announced record revenues 3rd Q 2007
Creative Vistas CVAS (2.80) reported record 3rd Q and nine-month results
Berliner Communications  BERL (1.20) reported record revenues for 1st Q 2008
Wizzard Software WIZD (2.60) announced record revenue growth for 3rd Q 2007
Computer Software Innovations CSWI (1.40) announced record 3rd Q 2007 results
Solar Power Inc  SOPW (3.75)  announced record 3rd Q 2007 revenues
Last Mile Logistic Group LMLG (.40) reported record 3rd Q 2007 revenue


Volume increases on the OTCBB and Pennyheaven Super 7
hits a new YTD high (+17%) Coincidence? Perhaps.

ALRG reported record profits 1st Q 2003. That certainly helped.

EPHO came back partly from the dead by announcing a
merger and new financing. (Anyone who averaged down
at .018 is a genius. I’d love to be out of this even).

The following is from 8k filed 5/09/03:
“ePhone will issue 99,641,757 shares of its common stock to the
Champion shareholders in exchange for all of the issued and
outstanding shares of Champion’s capital stock.”
I was checking the whiz-kid’s website I mentioned a few weeks
ago. Coincidentally his big hit this year is UBET, one of our Top 10
picks from 2002. I went back to look at the Pennyheaven Top 10
2002 and was pleasantly surprised. It’s up 74% since 1/01/02.
The ones that did well in 2002 did even better in 2003.
I’m patting my own back here because the market has been very
unexciting the past few years, the hits are few and far between
and every once in awhile you say to your self why am I doing this,
then you see companies like ALRG, LDNA and UBET and you say
that’s why. Only need one or two.

More record revenues –
Eye Dynamics EYDY announced record sales and profits for
1st quarter 2003. It’s the third successive quarter that both sales
and profits have risen.

“SafetyScope, the company’s latest product, is designed for the “fitness-for-
duty” screening of workers. SafetyScope is simple to use, takes only 90 seconds
and does not require any bodily fluids like urine-based drug testing. It is based on
the manual methods of evaluating eye responses of an individual to detect neuro-
logical signs of impairment used by law enforcement throughout the United States.”
EYDY closed Friday at .12 (.09 x .14)
They’ve been trading between .05 and .10 all year.
17,850,313 s/o as of 4/09/03

US 1 Industries USOO announced record 1st quarter results
“USOO is an interstate trucking company that carries all forms of freight
transported by truck, except bulk goods and hazardous materials, including
containerized, refrigerated and flatbed transportation. For the fiscal year
ended 12/02, revenues rose 53% to $110.4 million. Net income applicable
to Common rose 53% to $2.2 million.”

11,618,224 s/o as of 4/08/03
USOO closed Friday at .60 (.54 x .62)

Lastly, take a look at Terra Block International TBLK
They specialize in making low-income housing using
a revolutionary technique that compresses ordinary
soil into building blocks. Recently completed a prototype
in Guatemala.
TBLK closed Friday at .14
18,600,000 s/o as of 4/23/03