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Lethean (IntenseCoin) Explained: The Decentralized VPN Cryptocurrency Project

lethean logo

by Jacob Woods

What is Lethean

Lethean, incorporated in the UK, has created a decentralized VPN marketplace. Lethean has been described as the “first Mainnet P2P Virtual Private Network backed by the Blockchain.”

Users can take advantage of the browser extension or the full client VPN. Anyone can mine the coin or operate an exit node to earn LTHN. LTHN is used as payment for the VPN services. This VPN marketplace allows you to select a specific country, price, and speed.

LTHN is a proof-of-work coin based on CryptoNote. Monero is another example of a CryptoNote coin. Lethean, like XMR, uses ring signatures and one-time keys to make transactions unlinkable and untraceable. LTHN uses the CryptoNightR hashing algorithm. LTHN implemented CryptoNightR 10 hours before Monero did.