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Q&A with International Dispensing Corp (IDC) CEO Greg Abbott

The following is a Q & A with International Dispensing Corporation (IDND) CEO, Greg Abbott.

1) According to your latest Quarterly report (9/30/10), the original vision for IDC was to create and market a cost-effective dispensing system that could keep liquid contents fresh and uncontaminated through the entire dispensing cycle without refrigeration or preservatives. However now, because the company has widened its scope over the entire supply chain, your have added, “innovative, cost effective dispensing solutions in an environmentally responsible manner.” How has your dispensing solution become more environmentally responsible? Are you still keeping liquids fresh and uncontaminated through the entire dispensing cycle?

The Answer(R) tap, our core product, keeps liquids shelf-stable even after dispensing has commenced – that hasn’t changed. As for being environmentally sustainable, a couple of years ago IDC commissioned a company called Allied Development to conduct an independent life cycle analysis of a bag-in-box package with The Answer(R) versus PET bottles, milk jugs, and aseptic cartons. The study took all supply chain factors into account, from resins, to filling, to shipping of the finished product. The results showed that the bag-in-box package with The Answer(R) (Multiserve Safepak) utilized significantly less energy and greenhouse gases through all the production cycles, and took up significantly less landfill, than the other packaging formats. Also, given the fact that over half of the world’s food supply spoils or is thrown away, The Answer(R) keeps product shelf-stable and ensures 99%+ evacuation. We may have changed our mission statement a bit to be more encompassing of what we are accomplishing, but our core mission has never wavered.

Pennyheaven Top Picks 2011

No Super 7 this year just my top three picks.
Prices reflect close of business 12/31/10.
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1) International Dispensing Corporation IDND.PK .45

IDC is a research and development company that develops and manufactures cutting-edge dispensing solutions, and provides expert supply chain and consulting services, to the food-and-beverage and packaging industries. Its flagship product, The Answer® tap, enables aseptic liquid product to be dispensed from a flexible package over time without compromising the safety of the remaining contents, even without refrigeration.

For more information about IDC, please visit http://www.idcdispensing.com

Latest Quarterly Report: 9/30/2010

Latest News: IDC and PepsiCo Sign Agreement for The Answer

2) Vitro Diagnostics VODG .15

Vitro Diagnostics, Inc., dba Vitro Biopharma owns U.S. patents for production of a fertility drug, immortalization of pituitary cells, and a cell line that produces beta islets for use in treatment of diabetes. Vitro’s mission is “Harnessing the Power of Cells™” for the advancement of regenerative medicine to its full potential. Vitro also owns pending U.S. patents for stem cell therapy of cancer, generation of pluripotent stem cells and is continuously developing patentable cell lines and technologies. Vitro operates within a new high tech and regulatory compliant manufacturing, R&D and corporate facility in Golden, Colorado. Vitro manufactures and sells “Tools for Stem Cell and Drug Development™”, including human mesenchymal stem cells and derivatives, optimized media for sustained self-renewal, lineage-specific differentiation and products supporting induced pluripotent stem cell and cancer research. Vitro recently formed a strategic alliance with HemoGenix®, Inc. to jointly manufacture and distribute Lumenesc™ and LumiSTEM™ assays for quality and potency determination of MSCs, ESC and iPSCs.

For more information about VODG please visit http://www.vitrobiopharma.com

Latest quarterly Report: 7/31/2010

Latest News: New Results Reveal Extensive Competitive Advantages of VitroGrow™ Stem Cell Culture Media

3) WebMediaBrands Inc WEBM 1.63

WebMediaBrands Inc. is an Internet media company that provides content, education, trade shows and online job board services to media and business professionals. The Company’s online business includes: (i) mediabistro.com, a leading blog network providing content, career and educational resources about major media markets and industry verticals including new media, social media, Facebook, TV news, advertising, public relations, publishing, design and mobile; (ii) SemanticWeb.com, providing industry leading content on Semantic Web technology; (iii) Brands of the World, Ads of the World, and other related websites, providing industry leading content for creative, advertising, and design professionals; and (iv) e-commerce websites including Freelance Connect and StockLogos.com. The Company’s trade show and educational offerings include conferences, online and in-person courses, and video subscription libraries on topics covered by the Company’s online business.

Latest quarterly Report: 9/30/2010

Latest News: WebMediaBrands Inc. Announces Plan to Repurchase Shares of Its Common Stock


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