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Yours truly is busy with next year’s Super 7.
In the meantime more record revenues.
Datascension DSEN (.50) recently announced third quarter revenues
increased 23% over the comparable quarter in 2003; with nine-month
revenue comparables increasing 22%. Annual revenues for 2004 are anticipated to exceed the previous record set in 2003 by 24%.
They are profitable, but barely.

Datascension International, a premier data solutions company with operations in California, Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic, embodies a unique expertise in the collection, storage, processing and interpretation of marketing data. Employing hundreds of bilingual professionals, the company is rapidly becoming one of the largest Spanish-speaking call centers. The
company’s commitment to customer service, quality and on-time project management has fostered its world-class reputation among major market research firms and corporate market research departments.

Please note, on November 5, 2004, DSEN did a 1-10 reverse split. The consolidation will reduce the number of Datascension shares outstanding from approximately 162 million to approximately 16.2 million. (Wait till the very end of the year for this one, due to the above I imagine there will be a few tax loss sellers in the next two weeks.)Web site: www.datascension.com

Not record revenues but strong growth nonetheless,Veritec, Inc VRTC (.60) latest quarterly report (ending 9/30/04)shows total revenue (for the quarter) increasing 82%.

Veritec is the pioneer of two dimensional technology which allows the storage of vast quantities of information on tiny, multi-faceted encoded symbols which provide superior methods of inventory control, parts tracking, security and secure data compilation. VRTC recently announced a new handheld reader designed for the Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) and Flat Panel Display (FPD) industry.
7,071,849 s/o as of 11/05/04
Website: www.veritecinc.com