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utler National Corporation BUKS (.61) reported a net income increase of
111% on 155% increase in sales for First Quarter 2005.

Butler National Corporation operates in the Aerospace and Services
business segments. The Aerospace segment focuses on the manufacturing
of support systems for “Classic” commercial and military aircraft including the
Butler National TSD for the Boeing 737 and 747 Classic aircraft,
switching equipment for Boeing/Douglas Aircraft, weapon control systems
for Boeing Helicopter and performance enhancement structural modifications
for Learjet, Cessna, Dassault and Raytheon business aircraft. Services include
electronic monitoring of water pumping stations, temporary employee services,
Indian gaming services and administrative management services.

40,075,871 s/o as of 9/10/04
Web Site: http://www.butlernational.com/

More Inside Buying
Consortium Service Management Group CTUM (.23) annnounced that
directors and insiders have purchased 470,795 shares in 17 separate transactions
since the beginning of 2004.

CTUM owns the technology and exclusive world rights to live tissue-welding

technology through Live Tissue Connect, Inc., a subsidiary corporation formed for the development
and exploitation of the platform technology. The technology was invented and developed at the internationally renowned E.O. Paton Institute of Electric Welding, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine at Kiev, Ukraine headed by Professor B.E. Paton.
9,578,622 s/o as of 5/10/04
Website: http://www.ctum.com

Buy low, Sell high
Advanced ID AIDO, (.25) once a high flyer, is now near a 52-week
low. Advanced ID Corporation (AID) is a pioneer in the radio frequency
identification (RFID) market. RFID allows for the positive identification and
tracking of animals or objects that have been identified with a microchip.
AIDO markets low frequency RFID microchips, scanners, and its proprietary
PETtrac database to the companion animal and biological sciences markets.

One reason why it plummeted:
As of June 30, 2004, all $1,000,000 in convertible debentures plus accrued
interest had been converted into a total of 3,075,341 shares of Advanced ID
common stock. Consequently, the Convertible Debenture Purchase
Agreement was terminated effective June 29, 2004, the day on which the
final outstanding amount in debentures was converted into Advanced ID
common stock.

41,594,509 s/o as of 8/12/04
Website: www.advancedidcorp.com.