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Pennyheaven Super 7 2008

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For those who have been inquiring, yes, I have been working on the next Super 7.  Pennyheaven Super 7 2008 will be published on January 1, 2008.


  1. Industrial Biotechnology Corporation, (IBC), (Pink Sheets:IBOT) has now announced to use Ethanol the Chemicals ALCHEMx Production Platforms, through which they can convert sugarcane based ethanol to ethylene at a very low cost and also doesn’t result into effect on the environment.. Will this have any positive effect on the company’s long term business??

  2. SRCO.OB :- Havens , CEO : increased application flow further reinforces the fact that despite the problems in other sectors of the credit markets, consumer interest in acquiring Powersports vehicles continues to grow.

  3. ZIPI.Pk : The Money Flow Index (MFI) has risen steadily all week as has the On Balance Volume (OBV). The MACD analysis on the stock indicates increasing upward momentum for the stock with a very significant crossover of the zero line earlier last week.