Lethean (IntenseCoin) Explained: The Decentralized VPN Cryptocurrency Project

Lethean (IntenseCoin) Explained: The Decentralized VPN Cryptocurrency Project

by Jacob Woods What is Lethean Lethean, incorporated in the UK, has created a decentralized VPN marketplace. Lethean has been described as the “first Mainnet P2P Virtual Private Network backed by the Blockchain.” Users can take advantage of the browser extension or the full client VPN. Anyone can mine the coin or Read More »



On March 10, 2000 Nasdaq closed at 5,048. It was the top
of all tops. Three years later not only are we down, but
closing in on new lows.

Nasdaq is at 1340 with support at 1200.
NYSE is at 4641 with support at 4500.
S&P500 is at 833 with support at 775.

If the upcoming war with Iraq ends quickly the
indexes will find support and most likely bounce.
If it doesn’t, and gas prices keep soaring, watch out below.
It could be worse. Japan’s Nikkei Index hit a new 20-year low.
To see a scary correlation between the Nikkei index and SPY
(S&P 500 tracking stock) see link below.


Pennyheaven Super 7 News
AllergyResearch Group ALRG spiked 67% Friday on news of
profits for the year ending 12/31/02. YTD, ALRG is up 58%.

H-Quotient, Inc. HQNT was a Pennyheaven Top 10 pick in
2002. After peaking at 1.50 in November 2002, the price has
dropped steadily and is now sitting near a new YTD low, .42.
HQNT announced a new multimillion-dollar contract in January,
a stock repurchase in February, and most recently (Friday
to be exact) the acquisition of Intelliservices, Inc., a medical
software company.

The management of HQNT believes the price drop is due to
naked short selling and went so far as to 1) sue Knight Trading
Group, Inc for $10 million, and 2) reincorporate in Nevada for
the purpose of becoming the latest company to vie for certificate
only trading.

They have since changed their mind on #2 because they feel
“… the SEC is currently addressing the subject of naked shorting,
which has been the impetus behind companies exiting the
Depository Trust Corporation (DTC) electronic trading system.”

27,804,483 s/o as of 10/31/02

Might be worth a look. Also,
Ophthalmic Imaging Systems OISI has numbers worth mentioning.
For the year ending 12/31/02 the company reported net earnings of
$565,000 or .07/share. OISI closed Friday at .29.

The company designs, develops and markets digital imaging systems
for the eye care market.
8.1 million shares outstanding
2.4 million market cap
4.14 P/E


ore on Buffet and Burlington Industries, there’s a new twist
to the story, it now appears to be a battle of two billionaires.
BRLG gained 100% Friday on news that Wilbur Ross of WL
Ross and Co. is trying to wrestle control of BRLG away from
Warren Buffet and Berkshire Hathaway. Why the stock spiked
Friday is this: “Ross is offering a plan that may get shareholders
something like 50-60 cents a share.”


That’s a nice gain from Friday’s close at .025. If Buffet wins
control, the stock price goes to zero (according to what we
reported last week from Burlington Industries’ Press Release).

If Ross wins the stock price goes to the moon (relatively
speaking compared to where it is now). It appears like a
50-50 gamble from here in the cheap seats. I guess you
got to ask yourself, do I feel lucky?

Hop-On HPON (.129) is the developer and marketer of
the world’s first disposable, fully recyclable, and contract
free cell phone. A blurb in the latest issue of Business 2.0
magazine (March 2003 issue, page 126), as well Popular
Mechanics (March 2003) and Consumer’s Digest may give
them some needed recognition. The fact that they are a pink
sheet stock we will merely mention but not harp on.

80,000,000 s/o as of 9/27/02 (according to pinksheets.com)



The rich get richer…
Isn’t now the time to buy, imagine the deals you can get.
Warren Buffet just plucked one from the OTCBB.

Berkshire Hathaway announced the purchase of Burlington
Industries BRLG who’s been in Chapter 11 since 2001.

For all those enticed by “Q” stocks:
“All shares of Burlington’s Common Stock would be
canceled with no payment.” Just so you know.

Locate Plus Holdings LPLHA (.18)
recently reported record revenues

Whats more interesting is this:

Dr. Richard Geist Initiates Coverage on LocatePLUS Holdings

I’ve mentioned this guy in the past in reference to some insightful
articles he wrote regarding the psychology of investing.
Never knew he was in the “coverage” business.
He was paid quite handsomely according to the disclaimer.
Either way, LPLHA provides online investigative solutions to law
enforcement, legal and insurance professionals, licensed investigators,
and other related businesses. The “snoop” business apparently
is growing.

Shares outstanding as of 9/30/2002
Class A Voting Common – 53,108,580
Class B Non-Voting Common – 56,640,726
Total 109.75 million
Website: http://www.locateplus.com

Markets are closed Monday.


Bad news for everyone else, but there’s a theory being
tossed around that so goes January so goes the year

Most major indexes finished January in the red.
Pennyheaven Super 7 however ended January +9.78%.

Super 7 News – First Aid Direct FADI (.13)
announced their moving into bigger quarters

“The new facility is comprised of approximately 17,000 square feet,
more than double the previous space of 7,000 square feet. The new
facility has additional office space for new key employees and for
additional office staff to handle the Company’s continued growth.”

Another good company-bad spread scenario:
Endo Networks ENDD (.30 x .51) announced
record revenues for the year ending 9/30/02

Endo Networks Inc. provides public interactive technology solutions.
Endo offers entertainment, advertising, e-commerce, customer loyalty
and human resources applications to food service, retail, events and
government clients. Labatt Breweries of Canada is one of their clients.
12,568,966 s/o as of 9/30/02


he market is getting hammered and most YTD indices are
now in the red (Nasdaq is hanging in at +.5%).

Thanks partly to yours truly and the partial fill I got at .13 on
FADI the Pennyheaven 2003 Super 7 finished the week at a
new YTD high (+8.0%).

Cybertel Communications Corporation CYTP (.016) announced
a stock buyback program…The company has made several
purchases over the past two weeks. “At these levels Cybertel
is so undervalued that we can’t afford to pass up this opportunity,”
stated CEO Richard Mangiarelli.

Cybertel Communications Corp. is a provider of long
distance voice and data telecommunications services.

For the nine months ending 9/30/02 revenues are down
about 15% and net loss is up about 25%. On top of that
Form S-8 issued 12/13/02 mentions the registering of
35,000,000 shares as part of an Employee Stock Incentive
Plan for the Year 2002.

37,196,077 s/o as of 11/13/02
Marketcap: $595,137

Bottom line, who knows? The above is a bold and bullish
statement for any CEO to make especially considering that
revenues are down and losses are up. What do they know
that we don’t? I hope its something other than the registering
of 35,000,000 shares.