ODIS Inc. Progresses Toward a POET Technology Roadmap

(Marketwire – March 28, 2012) – OPEL Technologies Inc. (TSX VENTURE:OPL)(OPELF.pk) and ODIS Inc. (collectively “OPEL” or “the Company”), a semiconductor device and process developer and, a leading global supplier of solar tracker systems and other solar related products, are pleased to announce significant progress made this quarter by ODIS Inc., a U.S. Company, regarding POET as it pertains to its advancements in Optical Interconnection of High Speed Circuits. ODIS’ recent Milestone achievements when successfully added to the POET platform under development, will make it possible for the first time to implement an optical interface as a single chip to connect existing CMOS processors.

The advancements are significant and ongoing steps in the POET technology development that have made it possible to produce a well defined military and commercial roadmap for POET.

ODIS’s optical interface chip will integrate a Laser, Optical Modulator, Modulator Driver, Detector, Receiver Amplifiers, SerDes, CDR and PLL circuits monolithically on a single chip. This breakthrough advancement utilizing III-V Gallium Arsenide technology is the first step in achieving a single device capable of interconnecting multiple processors by waveguide and/or fiber to transport ultra-high speed signals. This advancement substantially simplifies chip packaging while the optical interface chip bandwidth supports the very large data rates (>100Gb/s) for CMOS processor interconnect without the additional power otherwise required with conventional electrical i/o (input/output). The new roadmap will outline the process for speed-to-market devices, capital requirements and monetization opportunities in the commercial and defense technology markets.

The optical advancements that OPEL announces directly impact the generic optical interconnect application thus serving several of the markets that were researched in the Pellegrino & Associates valuation report dated March 2, 2011. More specifically, the valuation report provided an appraisal of POET intellectual property in the general computer market, the defense contractor market and the smartphone market. The Company will post a more in-depth summary of these recent POET accomplishments, market analysis and direction, on the OPEL Technologies and the ODIS Inc. websites.

About OPEL Technologies Inc., OPEL Solar, Inc. and ODIS Inc.

With operations in Shelton, CT and head office in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, the Company, through OPEL Solar, Inc., designs, manufactures and markets dual- and single-axis trackers and other solar related products for CPV and PV systems for energy applications worldwide. The Company, through ODIS Inc., a U.S. company, designs III-V semiconductor devices for military, industrial and commercial applications, including infrared sensor arrays and ultra-low-power random access memory. The Company has 36 patents issued and 14 patents pending in PV systems technologies and for its semiconductor POET process. The POET process enables the monolithic fabrication of integrated circuits containing both electronic and optical elements, with potential high-speed and power-efficient applications in devices such as servers, tablet computers and smartphones. OPEL’s common shares trade on the TSX Venture Exchange under the symbol “OPL”. For more information about OPEL, please visit our websites at www.opelsolar.com; and www.opeltechinc.com; and for ODIS at www.odisinc.com.