Interview with Steven Saxton, Founder and Lead Developer, EverGreenCoin

1. EverGreenCoin (as described on your  facebook page) is an X15 algorithm PoW / PoS hybrid crypto currency. Are there many other coins that use this configuration? Why did you choose this particular hybrid?

EverGreenCoin (EGC) was literally designed from the ground up to be environmentally friendly. There are other coins that are X15 PoW / PoS hybrids, but few have the same structure of a foundation being funded by a small portion (2%) of the miners work and none have the same intent and exact same distribution and hence, coin supply.

X15 was used because at the time of creation it was not invaded by ASICs.ASICs are machines designed specifically for PoW mining that consume as much electricity as possible in an attempt to gain a disproportionately large amount of the distribution of coins. X15 ASICs are now readily available but fortunately were not before EverGreenCoin’s PoW phase had ended. Had the EverGreenCoin’s PoW phase lasted just a few weeks longer, people would have been able to mine EverGreenCoin with ASICs and that enormous consumption of electricity was avoided in EverGreenCoin’s name.

I am very glad to say these energy gobbling machines did not affect EverGreenCoin’s PoW which was my intent during the designing of the coin. I take great pride in the fact that my predictions made during design held true throughout. I will not deny luck was a factor, as I think no one can reliably predict with any precision rate of technological advance especially in an industry so volatile, profit driven, and by most players, greed motivated. Certainly not I, but I did this once.

Now that PoW has ended and generated the supply (~13 million EverGreenCoin), PoS takes over for processing and maintaining the blockchain. PoS consumes far less energy and is dependent on the number of coins held and the length of time they have been held, not how much electricity can be thrown (and I do mean that in the most wasteful usage of the word) at the network.

 2. How many coins currently outstanding? What is your current market cap?

There are currently 13,261,976 EverGreenCoin in existence at the time of this writing. The majority, over 13 million, were generated in the first 6 months, during the PoW phase. Now and forever into the future, supply will never increase more than 7% annual. This 7% comes from people earning interest on their EverGreenCoin holdings through PoS. I do predict, given observations of people holding and collecting installments towards the 7% annual, overall the percentage will be below 5% which is much more favorable when you look at it from an inflationary perspective.

Current market capitalization at the time of this writing is $206,223 USD, however please be reminded that this industry is very turbulent in its current infancy. EverGreenCoin’s market cap has well exceeded 3 million USD in the past and as our ecosystem matures, I am certain we will see well beyond that in the near future.

3. What was your initial inspiration for EverGreenCoin and the EvergreenCoin Foundation? What’s in your background that propelled you into crypto currency?

My internal inspiration is very easy to see, I was born and raised a farmer. I still farm to this day and always will. That deep appreciation and respect for the gifts Mother Nature provides us with, along with a love for technology and economics, culminated into me making EverGreenCoin. Thanks to cryptocurrency and our spending of whatever store of value, we can and will repay Mother Earth for these gifts in lieu of corporations and governments attempts to only pillage her and flat-out rape her. We aim to give back what once was robbed.

4. Steven, you are the founder and lead developer of EverGreenCoin, and as far as I can tell the only member of the Foundation. Are there any other officers? Do you work with other developers? What kind of support and networking do you get from the EverGreenCoin community?

As of this time there are no other officers per se of the EverGreenCoin Foundation. But in time and as I structure a legal entity, there certainly will be. Bowman Thompson has been with me for several months and has clearly demonstrated his motive is not profit driven and shares the same passions and appreciation as I do. He undoubtedly will become the second and, in all respects beside legal, already is. His ambition motivates, reminds, and inspires me to continue my mission that is EverGreenCoin. I am honored to be at his shoulder in such a noble mission.

I work every day with developers around the globe. We help each other in every way possible. My self-determination, okay stubbornness, often prevents me from asking for help, but if a frustration becomes insurmountable, I have a handful of brilliant minds to tap. These also are people I am honored to work with and often refer to them as the Henry Fords of our emerging industry. Through time and much disappointment, I have found the ones that can be relied upon and share yet another passion, abolishing financial slavery of our current archaic banking and debt-based society.

The EverGreenCoin community is an amazing group of like-minded people and I have learned much from them. We communicate online through our website forums, Bitcointalk, Reddit, community meetings through Google Hangouts, and others.

In the 16 months EverGreenCoin has been alive, through all the ups and downs, it has become quite evident that we have an immense amount of respect for each other. It is due partly to the fact that our goals are bigger than ourselves.

 5. How are you financing this endeavor? Do you currently have any outside investors? Are you actively seeking any funding?

I have always paid the bills to keep the ‘lights’ on out of my own pocket. Since Day One I have strived to communicate to others that I am not one of the many ‘scam devs’ in this industry and EverGreenCoin is no scam project. I am very proud to say that I have earned the trust of the community. The community has stepped up to the plate when we agree upon promotions, something I am endlessly grateful for.

We are actively seeking some funding through the crowdfunding on our new website. People can contribute with credit cards, Pay Pal, or off course hundreds of other cryptocurrencies. They can even contribute through a new feature in the EverGreenCoin software (aka wallet) that allows them to divert the interest they earn directly to one of these funds through a new feature called “Staking for Charity”. The latest version has just been released this past week, version 1.6. It has been built to include the staking for charity feature, a feature no other coin has and is truly custom to EverGreenCoin.

 6. Your website lists four main branches of the Evergreen Foundation:Cannabis,  Renewables,  Water, and Gardens. Can you elaborate on them?

Gardens was the last branch created. Whenever there is sufficient community involvement, we form a new branch and that branch has all the resources of the EverGreenCoin Foundation and the other branches to support it and its initiatives.

Cannabis – How do you see EverGreenCoin being used in the cannabis industry? With so many states legalizing cannabis for medicinal and recreational use this is arguably one of the fastest growing industries in the country. How do you see EverGreenCoin distinguishing itself from other Cannabis coins?

That is simple. EverGreenCoin is not a cannabis coin. EverGreenCoin supports are environmental, plants included. There just so happened to be sufficient community involvement in the cannabis industry to make the EverGreenCoin Cannabis branch viable. We would do the same for any other plant, even if it was not the miracle marijuana is, so long as it had sufficient community involvement and a demand for concentration.

On our website we mention Hempcrete. This is a new technology with very favorable environmental consequences. In Australia the construction of the first hemp house has just been completed.

Renewables – One of the projects of your renewable division is a small computer unit, powered by the sun, that does nothing but stake coins. How is the development of this project coming along?

The EverGreenCoin Solar Staker development is progressing very nicely, especially considering we do not have big money backing the project. The EverGreenCoin Solar Stakers will come preloaded and, at time of order, you will be able to purchase additional EverGreenCoin at a discount thanks to the EverGreenCoin Foundation. Earn 7% interest, just add sunshine!

7. You have a number of crowd funding and donation opportunities on your website. How successful have these been? Any plans for new ones?

The EverGreenCoin community is very generous. Our first crowdfunding, raising about $500 for advertising, was very successful and we gained the needed donations in days. We have many crowdfundings going now and are trying to get other green organizations and/or charities to use the crowdfunding on our site. It is free for them to use as are the marketplace and directory. The crowdfunding on the website accepts credit cards, pay pal, and hundreds of cryptocurrencies as does the marketplace. I am currently working a new crowdfunding for the EGC Water branch to drill and build a water well in Bangladesh.

 8. Do you have a timeline of development of what you hope to accomplish and when?

9. Any final thoughts?

I would like your readers to know EverGreenCoin is much more than a cryptocurrency. EverGreenCoin is an environmental project, soon to be a legal non-profit, that leverages cryptocurrency to accomplish its environmental goals. We are not doing this to make money or to make new money. We are doing this to make money work for our environment and make a new environment for our future. Making money will be a pleasant side effect.

Lastly, we are always looking for new hands and minds to join us. Please do so at See you there!

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