Volume increases on the OTCBB and Pennyheaven Super 7
hits a new YTD high (+17%) Coincidence? Perhaps.

ALRG reported record profits 1st Q 2003. That certainly helped.

EPHO came back partly from the dead by announcing a
merger and new financing. (Anyone who averaged down
at .018 is a genius. I’d love to be out of this even).

The following is from 8k filed 5/09/03:
“ePhone will issue 99,641,757 shares of its common stock to the
Champion shareholders in exchange for all of the issued and
outstanding shares of Champion’s capital stock.”
I was checking the whiz-kid’s website I mentioned a few weeks
ago. Coincidentally his big hit this year is UBET, one of our Top 10
picks from 2002. I went back to look at the Pennyheaven Top 10
2002 and was pleasantly surprised. It’s up 74% since 1/01/02.
The ones that did well in 2002 did even better in 2003.
I’m patting my own back here because the market has been very
unexciting the past few years, the hits are few and far between
and every once in awhile you say to your self why am I doing this,
then you see companies like ALRG, LDNA and UBET and you say
that’s why. Only need one or two.

More record revenues –
Eye Dynamics EYDY announced record sales and profits for
1st quarter 2003. It’s the third successive quarter that both sales
and profits have risen.

“SafetyScope, the company’s latest product, is designed for the “fitness-for-
duty” screening of workers. SafetyScope is simple to use, takes only 90 seconds
and does not require any bodily fluids like urine-based drug testing. It is based on
the manual methods of evaluating eye responses of an individual to detect neuro-
logical signs of impairment used by law enforcement throughout the United States.”
EYDY closed Friday at .12 (.09 x .14)
They’ve been trading between .05 and .10 all year.
17,850,313 s/o as of 4/09/03

US 1 Industries USOO announced record 1st quarter results
“USOO is an interstate trucking company that carries all forms of freight
transported by truck, except bulk goods and hazardous materials, including
containerized, refrigerated and flatbed transportation. For the fiscal year
ended 12/02, revenues rose 53% to $110.4 million. Net income applicable
to Common rose 53% to $2.2 million.”

11,618,224 s/o as of 4/08/03
USOO closed Friday at .60 (.54 x .62)

Lastly, take a look at Terra Block International TBLK
They specialize in making low-income housing using
a revolutionary technique that compresses ordinary
soil into building blocks. Recently completed a prototype
in Guatemala.
TBLK closed Friday at .14
18,600,000 s/o as of 4/23/03