Cryptocurrency Capitulation. Have we seen it?

crypto currency

Be patient. Crypto is still in bear mode. Total market cap is currently about 250b near its 52wk low. Could it hit a low of 100b? Conceivably, yes. If that happens, Bitcoin could hit $2000 and Ethereum could hit $300. Anything under those levels I would definitely be buying. Until then I’m watching. Market caps for most coins are still way out of whack. Some alts that I’m watching:

1. Counterparty (XCP)
Price $7.87 Market cap $20.5m
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Counterparty extends Bitcoin’s functionality by “writing in the margins” of regular Bitcoin transactions, opening the door for innovation and advanced features not possible with ordinary Bitcoin software. Counterparty has the following features: user-created assets, distributed exchange, feeds, betting and financial derivatives.

2. Encrypgen (DNA)
Price $.07 Market cap $4.5m

Encrypgen provides customers and partners best-in-class, next generation, blockchain security for protecting, sharing and re-marketing genomic data. We empower science, business and individuals to securely and efficiently achieve their goals.

3. Odem (ODE)
Price $.24 Marketcap $43.7m

ODEM.IO is developing a first-of-its-kind global, decentralized education marketplace to deliver complete, end-to-end, custom, in-person education programs and experiences. On-Demand Education Marketplace will be powered by programs deployed on the Ethereum blockchain. ODEM.IO seeks to reduce costs and improve access to premium education by directly connecting educators with students and eliminating inefficient intermediaries. For students and other education buyers, the platform simplifies research and decision-making. For educators, it increases their visibility among students, generates real-time feedback on courses, and pays incentives for development of relevant courses.

Recently launched in April, this one has been defying gravity. Got to respect that.

4. LatiumX (LATX)
Price $.10 Market cap $8.4m

The Latium platform will be a paradigm shift in decentralized economics that can bring about real change in the way humans work, interact and earn money. Latium provides the opportunity for users to easily earn income by completing tasks, while other users have tasks completed for them in a uniquely trustless system.

5. (FYP)
Price $.08 Market cap $1.4m

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