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While most major indexes move sideways individual penny

stocks continue to spike on a daily basis with many sitting

closer to 52-week highs than 52-week lows.

Check the charts for the following companies reporting

revenues last week, you’ll see what I mean.

Spantal SPAL (.25) announced its second consecutive

profitable Q and the price spiked 66% on the news.

Spantal is a telecommunications company in Spain.

21,858,746 s/o as of 3/31/03

~ 5.5 million market cap

Bovie Medical BOVI (1.80) announced record 2nd Q

revenue and record net income.

BOVI is engaged in the engineering, manufacturing

and marketing of electrosurgical medical products.

13,062,180 s/o as of 6/30/03

~ 23.5 million market cap

CAM Commerce Solutions CADA reported 3rd Q

profit, no big deal there, however look at the cash-

3.48/share in cash and marketable securities.

CADA closed Friday at 5.10

Since 5/01/03 CEO Geoffrey Knapp purchased about

100,000 shares in the 4.00 range. As of 6/20/03 he

owns 576,966 shares.

CAM provides commerce solutions for web-retailers.

3,108,990 s/o as of 4/30/03

~15.9 million market cap

Wi-Fi Radar is certainly expanding.

New companies are being added weekly:

Network Installation Corp NWIS (.80) came into existence

on 6/13/03 when FlexTech did a reverse merger. Recently

announced a deal to offer Motorola Wi-Fi solutions.

11 million s/o

~8.8 million market cap


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