Pennyheaven Super 7 hit new YTD highs last week every day but Monday.
Thanks largely to ALTX, we closed Friday + 49.53%.

Just for the record I sold ALTX during the run up. It was the second time this year I got
in and out of this company with at least a 100% return. The way it held up Friday makes
me think I sold too early. With oil prices at record levels, the stock could certainly go higher
however experience has taught me not to look a 250% increase in the face and ask what
do I do? To me the answer is obvious. My hope right now is that falls back to cash levels
so I can buy it back once again.

Found a nice write up on SpaceDev Inc SPDV (1.47)

If you recall these are the guys that helped Burt Rutan and Paul Allen build the world’s
first private spacecraft to the edge of space to win the $10 million Ansari X PRIZE on
October 4, 2004. Love these guys long term and they are hovering near their 52-week
low. I took a little taste at 1.48 (with a mental stop loss at 1.40)
6-month revenues ending 6/30/05 are up over 50%
6-month net income .01/share
$5.4 million cash; zero long term debt

22,264,183 s/o as of 8/10/05
Web Site: