Volume is everything.

We’ve said it before. It’s worth repeating.

July 2004 $volume on the OTCBB was lower than August 2003.

Anyone want to wager that August 2004 is even lower?


Pennyheaven Super 7 Index closed the week +15% YTD, our

lowest level since the first week of January.


We’ve been in a decline since peaking at 98% in April.

The rest of the market peaked a month earlier. As a general

rule we peak later and we correct later. Most people who play

penny stocks are speculators. They arrive only when times

are good and cash is loose. Now you know why taking

profits is so important.

Speaking of Super 7

Janel World Trade JLWT (.65) announced the highest grossing

quarter in the company’s 28-year history and they’re down almost

30% YTD. Go figure.


Forward Splits

Reverse splits on the BB are very common and occur almost daily.

Forward splits are less common and sometimes worthy of mention.

AirRover Wi-Fi Corp AVWF (.55) announced a 4-1 forward split

with a record date of September 7, 2004.


IceWeb, Inc ICEW (.48) announced a 10-1 forward split with a

record date of September 30, 2004


(Please note: This stock is up ~ 50% in the past week. It could fall

again before splitting. Use patience.)

Revenues and Earnings

Communicate.com CMNN (.26) reported record revenues and

earnings for the Second Quarter 2004


Stockgroup Information Systems SWEB (.285) announced its 6th

consecutive quarterly increase in revenues and the addition of

Mr. Patrick Spain to the Board of Directors


Mr. Spain is the Chairman and CEO of Highbeam Research, LLC. which

operates an online research engine for individuals. He is also the cofounder

and former Chairman and CEO of Hoover’s, Inc. a leading online provider of

company information headquartered in Austin, Texas. He helped found

Hoover’s (then known as The Reference Press) in 1990, serving as its CEO

from 1993 to 2001 and chairman from 1994 to 2002. During his tenure Mr.

Spain led Hoover’s from an unprofitable private book publishing company

with a few hundred thousand dollars of revenue to a publicly traded

profitable media and business Information Company. Hoovers was bought

by Dun & Bradstreet in March 2003 for US$119 million.

VFinance VFIN (.19) announced its 5th consecutive profitable quarter

and quarterly net income that was 100% greater than the same period last year.


VFIN is down over 50% from its 52-week high.

Wireless Age Communications WLSA (.97) hit a new 52-week low last

week. They recently announced revenues and earnings almost 100%

greater than the same period last year. Go figure.


I’ll keep you posted.


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