Greetings friends, it’s been awhile since I posted. Truth is, there

hasn’t been much to report. The summer doldrums are upon us.

It was the fourth straight down week for Naz, the fifth losing week

for the Dow and the sixth for the S&P 500. Naz is at its worst level

in almost 10 months.

June $Volume on the OTCBB was almost as bad as May

and we haven’t even gotten to August yet which in 2002 and

2003 was the low $Volume for that year.

mPhase Technologies XDSL (.28) has been showing an increase

in insider buying lately

Click link below to see CEO Ronald Durando giving a 5/16/04 video

presentation to analysts

mPhase Technologies Inc. develops and commercializes next-generation

Telecommunications and nanotechnology solutions, delivering novel systems

to the marketplace that advance functionality and reduce costs. In

telecommunications, the Company’s mPhase TV+ platform cost-effectively

and reliably delivers entertainment digital television, high-speed Internet

access and traditional telephone service over existing copper telephone

lines. mPhase also offers a growing line of innovative DSL component

products, such as iPOTS, designed to help service providers lower the

provisioning and operating costs associated with DSL. The company is

bringing nanotechnology out of the laboratory and into the market with a

planned innovative long, life power cell.

84,806,295 s/o as of 5/12/04

Web site:


More about Naked Short Selling and Companies being listed on

the Berlin Stock Exchange

I’ll keep you posted.

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