I’m out fishing until NYSE gets back over 6400

In the mean time, the following posted quarterlies

worth crowing about:

vFinance VFIN (.32) announced their fourth consecutive

quarter of record results and increased cash to ~ $5Million.


vFinance, Inc. is a holding company engaged in retail and institutional

securities brokerage, investment banking and research services through

its principal operating subsidiary, vFinance Investment, Inc.

33,295,869 s/o as of 5/01/04

Web Site:

VillageEDOCS VEDO .(20) saw net sales double over same

quarter last year


VillageEDOCS is a leading provider of comprehensive business-to-

business electronic document management and delivery services for

organizations with mission-critical needs, including major corporations,

government agencies and non-profit organizations.

VEDO is up 100% YTD.

35,911,544 s/o as of 4/30/04

Web Site:

In the meantime #2

Just to give us something to ponder during the recent downturn

answer me this, which would you prefer, stocks that are down

50% from YTD highs or stocks bucking the trend and sitting

near YTD highs.

Those down 50% include:

Advanced ID Corp AIDO


American Water Star AMWS

Communicte.com CMNN

Eye Dynamic EYDY

Innovative Software INIV

International Trust

Nanopierce NPCT

Neoprobe NEOP

Providential PRVH

Sense Holdings SEHO

Unity Wireless UTYW

US 1 Insutries USOO

Those bucking the trend:

Basic Earth Sciences BSIC



PDG Environmental

VillageEdocs VEDO

I’m away the next two weeks.

Next issue 6/13.

I’ll keep you posted.


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