All major YTD indices are in the red, except us. Pennyheaven

Super 7 has been holding its gains thanks in part to Basic Earth

Sciences BSIC (.50), which hit a new 52-week high Friday on

news of recent drilling activity and continued high prices at the pump.

Insider Buying

KTEL fell back to .10 and guess what happened?

CEO Philip Kives bought more on 5/11 at .10

Last time he bought the stock doubled.

We’re on to you, Phil.

More insider buying

eLec Communications ELEC (.14) recently came out of bankruptcy.

CEO and CFO have been buying shares

CEO recently bought 75,000 shares at ~.21/sh

eLEC Communications Corp. is a competitive local exchange carrier

that offers local and long distance calling plans to small business and

residential customers.

16,259,782 s/o as of 4/01/04


This is going to be huge one day…

Wi-Fi Phones May Help Cut Calling Costs


Penny stock with wi-fi phones – Viper VPER (.46)

Its a pink sheet stock so be warned.

I’ll keep you posted.

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