ore on Buffet and Burlington Industries, there’s a new twist
to the story, it now appears to be a battle of two billionaires.
BRLG gained 100% Friday on news that Wilbur Ross of WL
Ross and Co. is trying to wrestle control of BRLG away from
Warren Buffet and Berkshire Hathaway. Why the stock spiked
Friday is this: “Ross is offering a plan that may get shareholders
something like 50-60 cents a share.”


That’s a nice gain from Friday’s close at .025. If Buffet wins
control, the stock price goes to zero (according to what we
reported last week from Burlington Industries’ Press Release).

If Ross wins the stock price goes to the moon (relatively
speaking compared to where it is now). It appears like a
50-50 gamble from here in the cheap seats. I guess you
got to ask yourself, do I feel lucky?

Hop-On HPON (.129) is the developer and marketer of
the world’s first disposable, fully recyclable, and contract
free cell phone. A blurb in the latest issue of Business 2.0
magazine (March 2003 issue, page 126), as well Popular
Mechanics (March 2003) and Consumer’s Digest may give
them some needed recognition. The fact that they are a pink
sheet stock we will merely mention but not harp on.

80,000,000 s/o as of 9/27/02 (according to pinksheets.com)