The rich get richer…
Isn’t now the time to buy, imagine the deals you can get.
Warren Buffet just plucked one from the OTCBB.

Berkshire Hathaway announced the purchase of Burlington
Industries BRLG who’s been in Chapter 11 since 2001.

For all those enticed by “Q” stocks:
“All shares of Burlington’s Common Stock would be
canceled with no payment.” Just so you know.

Locate Plus Holdings LPLHA (.18)
recently reported record revenues

Whats more interesting is this:

Dr. Richard Geist Initiates Coverage on LocatePLUS Holdings

I’ve mentioned this guy in the past in reference to some insightful
articles he wrote regarding the psychology of investing.
Never knew he was in the “coverage” business.
He was paid quite handsomely according to the disclaimer.
Either way, LPLHA provides online investigative solutions to law
enforcement, legal and insurance professionals, licensed investigators,
and other related businesses. The “snoop” business apparently
is growing.

Shares outstanding as of 9/30/2002
Class A Voting Common – 53,108,580
Class B Non-Voting Common – 56,640,726
Total 109.75 million

Markets are closed Monday.