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Bad news for everyone else, but there’s a theory being
tossed around that so goes January so goes the year

Most major indexes finished January in the red.
Pennyheaven Super 7 however ended January +9.78%.

Super 7 News – First Aid Direct FADI (.13)
announced their moving into bigger quarters

“The new facility is comprised of approximately 17,000 square feet,
more than double the previous space of 7,000 square feet. The new
facility has additional office space for new key employees and for
additional office staff to handle the Company’s continued growth.”

Another good company-bad spread scenario:
Endo Networks ENDD (.30 x .51) announced
record revenues for the year ending 9/30/02

Endo Networks Inc. provides public interactive technology solutions.
Endo offers entertainment, advertising, e-commerce, customer loyalty
and human resources applications to food service, retail, events and
government clients. Labatt Breweries of Canada is one of their clients.
12,568,966 s/o as of 9/30/02